Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Quiz 3

Medicinal and aromatic crops quiz 3

In the Medicinal and aromatic crops quiz, you can take a test of your knowledge with a score, and learn more questions related to Medicinal and aromatic crops. This is a free test for all students, who have to prepare for their competitive exams. This quiz has the latest question asked in Pre PG, SO, NET, and other competitive exams.


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Medicinal and Aromatic Crops Quiz 3

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Betel vine is sexually a plant

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The medicinal plant known as ‘Second Shilajeet’ is

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Most Commonly used oil extraction method from flowers

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Oil percent in Mint

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Citronella is used for

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Which of the following is a narcotic crop

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A chemical extracted from Datura which withdraws the reaction of morphine

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Heroine drug is prepared from which medicinal plants

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Which of the following has anti-malarial property?

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Which medicinal plant is effective for control of blood pressure (JRF 2004)

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Medicinal and aromatic crops quiz

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