To study the nursery raising and transplanting of cauliflower

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Exercise 5

To study the nursery raising and transplanting of Cauliflower

HORT 211

Seed Rate and Seed Treatment

About 350-600 g seeds are required to raise a nursery for one hectare of land according to season.

Before sowing seed is treated with hot water (50°C) for 30 minutes to protect the crop from seed-borne diseases. Seeds are treated with Thiaram or Captan @2-3 gm/kg seeds before sowing to protect the crop from damping off in the nursery bed.


  • The seed is sown in a raised nursery bed. Before sowing the nursery, bed soil should be sterilized with formaldehyde.
  • Generally, Seeds are broadcast on nursery beds.
  • Then apply a thin layer of FYM or compost on the bed to cover the seeds.
  • The seedbed is also covered with dry grass mulch.
  • Immediately after sowing light irrigation was given to the bed with a rose cane.

Field Preparation

Land should be plough 3-4 times and make soil tilth better. And at the last ploughing add 20-25 t /ha FYM.


The seedlings are ready to transplant 4-6 weeks after sowing. Planting of cauliflower is done on the flat as well as on ridges. Ridges are more economical and commercially used. Ridges are made 60 cm apart and the seedling is planted at 45 cm spacing. After transplanting crop should be lightly irrigated. The mid or late crop can be grown at wider spacing as compared to early ones. 

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