Floriculture Quiz 2

Floriculture and landscape gardening quiz 2

In the floriculture and landscape gardening Quiz, you can take a test of your knowledge with a score, and learn more questions related to floriculture. This is a free test for all students, who have to prepare for their competitive exams. This quiz has the latest question asked in Pre PG, SO, NET, and other competitive exams.


Floriculture and Landscape gardening Quiz 2

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When origin of Japanese gardening took place?

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Who made Lal Bagh garden at Bangalore?

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Which garden si regarded as genesis of gardening?

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Thornless rose rootstock was developed at

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Baradari is a canopied structure with …….doors?

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Which garden is counted in seven wonders of world

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Which of the following is not a type of Japanese garden?

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Sand garden is known as…. a type of Japanese garden.

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Le Notre developed which type of gardens.

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Tip cutting having 1-2 nodes is very common in

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Floriculture and landscaping Quiz