Fruit and Plantation Crops Quiz 2

Fruit and plantation crops quiz 2

In the fruit and plantation crops Quiz, you can take a test of your knowledge with a score, and learn more questions related to fruit and plantation crops. This is a free test for all students, who have to prepare for their competitive exams. This quiz has the latest question asked in Pre PG, SO, NET, and other competitive exams.

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Fruit and Plantation Crops Quiz 2

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Among given fruits rich source of vitamin C is

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Protandry is a problem in

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Which fruit is known as 'Miracle fruit of China'

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Highest total fruit producing state of India

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International Institute of Horticulture is situated at

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Best planting material of pineapple

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Fruit crop suitable for high soil pH

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Hesperidium is botanical from of fruit in

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Little leaf of mango is due to the deficiency of

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Strawberry is propagated through

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fruit and plantation crops Quiz