Preparation of RTS

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Exercise 13

Preparation of RTS

HORT 321

This is a type of fruit beverage that contains at least 10% fruit juice and 10% total soluble solids besides about 0.3 percent acid. It is not diluted before serving hence it is known as ready to serve.

 Commercially RTS beverages (with 13% TSS and 0.3% acid) can be prepared by using SO2 -70 ppm or benzoic acid 120 ppm.


Beal RTS


Juice – 1litre

Sugar – 1.20 kg

Citric acid – 28gm

Water – 7.7 litre



Ripe fruits → Breaking of shell → Removal of pulp with seed and fibre → Mixing with water → Passing through pulper → Pulp → Mixing with strained syrup solution (Sugar + Water acid, heated just to dissolve) Homogenisation → Bottling → crown corking → Crown corking → Pasteurization (about 90oC for 25 min) – Cooling → Storage.

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