Identification of garden tools

Horticulture Guruji

Exercise 2

Identification of garden tools

HORT 111

1. Pick Axe:- It is made of carbon steel. One edge of the pickaxe is pointed and another is broadened. It is used for digging hard, compact and stony soils.

2. Kodali:– It is used for digging compact soil.

3. Spade:- It is used to lift and turn the soil. Also used for digging pit, preparing channels for irrigation and drainage.


4. Fork:- It is used for digging, hoeing, and compost handling.


5. Hoe-Cum-Rake:– It is used for digging, hoeing, earthing up, leveling, and weed collection.


6. Shovel:- It is used for digging the soil and transferring it from one place to another.

7. Garden Rake:- It is used to collect stubble and other plant residues in the field.


8. Hand Leveller:- t is used to level the land in small beds and nurseries and to cover the seeds after sowing.


9. Trowel:– It is used to remove plants from nurseries and is also used for transplanting.


10. Axe:- It is used to cut trees and branches.


11. Bill Hook:- It is used to cut hard branches of plants and other woody shrubs.

12. Budding Knife:- In this knife, the apex of the blade is slightly curved which is used for making incisions for bud on rootstock. In some knives, on the rear side, a plastic blade is provided. It is termed as budder. The budder is used for opening bark of rootstock for placing bud.


13. Grafting knife:-It is used to separate the scion branch, make the scion branch defoliate, and make an incision on the rootstock.


14. Budding and Grafting Knife:- This knife has both types of blades for grafting and budding.


15. Secateur:- It is used in the pruning of twigs and branches.


16. Pruning Saw:-It is used for cutting stems and branches of thicker diameter.



17. Hedge Shear:-It is used for pruning to maintain the hedge in proper shape.


18. Tree Pruner:- It is used for pruning trees in which the high up branches remain out of reach from the ground level.


19. Grass Shear:-It is used for the uniform cutting of grasses. It is also used for side dressing of lawn grass and cutting other shoots.


20. Khurpi:- It is used to remove weeds from the field. It is also used in digging of tuberous crops.


21. Hand Cultivator:- It is used for weeding purposes and for collecting stubble and other debris, leveling nursery soil, and mixing seeds with soil.

22. Knap-Sack Sprayer:- It is used for spraying insecticides.


23. Foot Sprayer:- It is suitable for spraying on trees in the field as well as in the garden. It requires two workers to operate; One operates the pump and the other sprays from the nozzle.


24. Hand Sprayer:- It is used for spraying insecticides in small beds of vegetables, flowers, nurseries, etc.


25. Hand Rotary Duster:- It is used for dusting the pesticide dust.


26. Sickle:- It is used for harvesting leafy vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, coriander, etc.


27. Lawn Mower:- It is used to mow the lawn from the surface of the ground.


28. Ladders:- It is used for pruning, plucking fruits from tall branches of trees.


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