To preparation of seed bed / nursery bed

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Exercise 3

To preparation of seed bed / nursery bed

HORT 111

  Seedbed preparation is very location-specific and varies with climate, soil type, crop, management level, and available equipment.

Require Equipment’s

  1. Pickaxe
  2. Spade
  3. Garden rake
  4. Measuring tap
  5. FYM

Types of nursery Bed

  There are three types of nursery beds: –


(i) Flat Nursery Bed:-

It is prepared:-

  1. During spring-summer when there is no fear of rain.
  2. In areas where the soil varies from light sandy to sandy loam, there is no problem with waterlogging.

The land proposed for the nursery is prepared by plowing well and mixed well with well-rotted FYM @ 10 kg per square meter. The land is divided into small plots/beds. Ridges are prepared around each bed which facilitates agricultural activities. In between the two rows of beds, a central irrigation channel is prepared through which each bed is connected. It is very simple and easy to make.


(ii) Raised Nursery Bed: –

    Generally, this type of nursery bed is commonly used practically. It is especially useful when there is a problem of waterlogging during the rainy season and due to which there is a fear of damage to the plant due to dumping off disease. A raised bed of 10-15 cm height is prepared from the ground level. All stubble, stones, pebbles, etc. are removed from the bed, and FYM at the rate of 10 kg per square meter is thoroughly mixed with the soil. A distance of 50 to 60 cm is left between two rows of beds for easy cultural activities. The seeds are sown in rows over the beds.


(iii) Sunken Nursery Bed: –

  This type of bed is useful and prepared mostly during the winter season. This type of nursery is prepared 10 to 15 cm down from the soil surface. The air blow across the surface of the soil and the seedling in sunken nurseries is not hit by the cool breeze of the air. Furthermore, covering of sunken bed with polythene sheets becomes easy which is required for protecting the seedlings from the cool air.

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