Importance of Landscaping

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Importance of Landscaping

Floriculture & Landscape Gardening

Landscape gardening: – The art of making a part beautiful with ornamental plants and gardening methods is called landscape gardening.

Bio-Aesthetic Planting
Bio-Aesthetic Planting

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Importance of Landscaping

  1. Bio-aesthetic planting

    • Term bio-aesthetic planting given by Prof. Lancelot Hogben, Meaning proper utilization of the available flora and fauna in the beautification of the surroundings.
    • In India, the theme of Bio-aesthetic planting was propagated by Dr. M.S. Randhawa by giving practical shape to the planting Chandigarh along with the famous architect’s Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.
    • The roads in the town and city should be broad, planted with flowering trees, and there should be spacious parks along with conservation of harmless animals and birds.
  1. Pollution (Air & Noise)

    • Nowadays air pollution is a major problem for the world.
    • The smoke from coal ovens (Chulas) of the residential house, the dust and the smoke from the grinding mills and chimneys of the factories, and the exhaust fumes from the motor vehicles – all add to the pollution of our cities.
    • The role of open space such as parks and living plants in checking air pollution is well known.
    • Parks are considered as the lungs of a city.
    • The barrier of trees checks noise pollution, dust pollution, and air pollution.
  1. Human Welfare

    • It is a great tragedy that most of our children in big cities do not have any space to play and to see colorful flowers, birds, and butterflies.
    • Even in an under-developing country like India, people do not live by bread alone.
    • Spacious parks having beautiful trees and flowers where citizens can relax, find peace of mind, and breathe fresh air after a day’s hard works

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