Importance of Ornamental Crops

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Importance of Ornamental Crops / Floriculture

Floriculture & Landscape Gardening

Floriculture: –

The science of the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants is called floriculture.

  • Production share of flower, medicinal and aromatic crops in horticulture crops–1.2% (2018).
  • In 2018, flower, medicinal and aromatic crops have 1044 thousand hectares area, 3651 thousand MT production, and 3.49 MT/ha productivity.

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Importance of Ornamental Crops

  1. Religious Value

  • 30% of the total cut flowers consumed in the city of Kolkata are used for worship
  • In other parts of the country, flowers are used to offering or worship in temples, Gurudwaras, and other religious places.


2. Aesthetic Value

  • In our society, no function is complete without the use of flowers.
  • Baby born, Birthday, marriage ceremony, welcome at homecoming friend or relatives.
  • Flowers are also used to offering sick’s to speeding recovery.
  • Flowers are used to making Bouquet, Garlands, Button Holes, Gajras and Venis
  • Growing colourful flowers in the house and parks enhance the beauty of the surrounding.


  1. Industrial and Nurseries Development

  • Flowers provide raw material to industries.
  • Many Cosmetics and other beauty products are prepared from flowers.
  • Perfume, soap, rose water, Gulkand made from the rose.
  • Many industries make a bouquet and dry flower arrangements,
  • Nurseries produce plants and seeds.


  1. Employment Generation

  • Floriculture industries provide employment
  • In India, many poor families making Gajra, Veni, garlands, and sell them to get food.
  • Galkand and perfumeries industries also provide employment.
  • The cultivation of flowers requires labour for daily picking, grading, and packaging of flowers.


  1. Income Generation

  • One ton of Jasmine yields about 3 kg of concrete which sells at Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per Kg.
  • Rose Edouard at 200-500 per quitantal.
  • Floriculture is an intensive type of agriculture and the income per unit area from floriculture is much higher than any other branch of agriculture.


  1. Nutritional & Medicinal value

  • Use of dry fruit of Vanilla palnifolia to flavouriing desserts and other products.
  • Use the underground stem of Nelumbium (Lotus) as vegetables called Bhasinda.
  • Other aquatic plants are used as vegetables and pickle making
  • Water lillies, lotus, Euryale ferox (makhana).


  1. Export Value

  • Some nurseries are exporting cut flowers, bulbus, and potted plants, especially foliage plants, to Arab countries at remunerative prices.

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