To study the plant propagation by inarching

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Exercise 8

To study the plant propagation by inarching

HORT 111

Simple inarching / Approach grafting:- This method of grafting is characterized by the simultaneous grafting of two independent plants on their own roots (self-sustaining). This method provides a means of establishing a successful union between some plants that are difficult to graft with any other method because both plants will remain on their roots until the grafting is successful. eg. Guava, Mango, Sapota.


Material Required

  • Grafting Knife
  • Secature
  • Plant Material
  • Polythene tape (Strip)
  • Wax


Procedure: Select a healthy branch with a 3.5 cm diameter on the selected parental plant to be used as a scion source. Select a rootstock (potted) whose branch circumference (diameter) is approximately the same as the selected branch of the parent plant. At the internodal area where the union is to take place, a piece of bark and wood 2.5 to 5 cm long is cut, a similar cut should be made on both the selected rootstock and the scion branch. The cuts should be perfectly smooth so that when they are pressed together, the rootstock and the cambial layers of the scion are brought into close contact. Tie the two cut surfaces together tightly with polythene tape or cloth. When the union is complete, the rootstock is removed from the top of the graft area and the scion is cut from the bottom.


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