Sweet Lime

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Sweet Lime

Fruit Science

B.N.Citrus limettioides

Family- Rutaceae

Origin – India

Ch. No. – 18

Fruit type- Hesperidium

Inflorescence type – Cymose (Solitary)

Edible part – Juicy Placental Hairs.

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  • Sweet lime contains non-acidic juice.
  • It is resistant to greening
  • Self-incompatibility is found in sweet lime.
  • Grown in Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Assam
  • In sweet lime, two types of flowers, staminate and hermaphrodite are found on the same tree.


  • Mitha Chikna
  • Mithotra


  • Commercially propagated by hardwood cuttings.


  • In North India, harvesting is done from August to October.
  • September to November in Assam.


  • 100-150 q/ha.

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